16-29 July 2012 - see the gallery

31st July – 13th August 2013 - see the gallery

Period of time: 14 days, participants: 4-7 people

The date of trip: 16th – 29 June 2014
Price: EUR 1300 + EUR 1700 per driver, price for a passanger EUR 1300.

The organiser assures: a roadworthy motorbike, wide choice among such models as: BMW F650GS , Dakar F650GS or the Honda TRANSALP 650 , service centre of the motorbike en route and company of the service car on the entire route of the trip, fuel and food, carriage of luggage (up to 20kg) , flight there and back on the route Irkuck-Warszawa with Aeroflot lines, cruise by hydrofoil boat from Olchon Island to Ust-Barguzin, accommodation in tents, road hostels, turbaza, and tourist hotels, sustenance on Olchon Island, OC, KL and NNW insurance, a Russian visa, entrance tickets to all toured objects, and the care of the experienced guide.

The motorcycle trip to the Saint Sea

Siberia is a large geographical land with the area of c.a. 10 million km2 m in the north of Asia. It fills the entire Asian part of the Basin of the Arctic Ocean, among the Ural Mountains in the West, the Arctic Ocean in the North, mountains on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the East and steppe areas of Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the South. We will travel across the considerable part of this magic land on motorbikes defeating seven…

The plan of expedition

Day 1

Meeting at Okęcie Airport in Warsaw, take-off to Irkutsk. Tourist hotel accommodation.

Day 2

Irkutsk. We are walking around the ancient capital of Siberia and touring Polish Church, the Council of Epiphany, the Saviour’s Orthodox Church. We are admiring wooden houses dating back to the 19th century. We are strolling at the boulevard above the Angara River. We are having supper in a traditional Russian inn, accommodation in a hotel.

Day 3

Irkutsk – Khuzir
350 km

We will begin the day with a short getting to know your motorbikes. We are leaving Irkutsk using P418 road heading to Ust-Ordinskij. This road leads through Buryat Autonomous District. Then, in Bajandaj town, we will turn into a road to Olchon Gates. It is covered with taiga of the Seaside Mountains and Bajkal National Park. We are taking a ferry to Olchon Island and then we continue the journey on a metalled road to the village Chużir. We are staying at a turbaza. We are touring the most charming nooks of the village. If you are brave enough you can take a bath in the lake.

Day 4-5

Olkhon Island

We are taking trips around the island in Uaz. We are touring the most interesting and beautiful Olchon places. These include Choboj Cape, which is the farthest to the north point of the island. You can see the Saint Nose Peninsula from there. We are taking bicycle trips, visiting bania, tasting smoked fish and Russian beers. In the evenings we are having a bonfire and fishing in the lake. Accommodation in turbaza.

Day 6

Khuzir – Ust-Barguzin

We are taking a voyage by ship through extensive waters of Bajkal. In Ust-Barguzin our motorbikes will be waiting for us. This big village was established in 1648. It is located above the Barguzin River. The village consists of mainly typical Siberian wooden buildings. There are a few well-stocked shops and a bar there. If we are lucky enough, during the voyage we will see Nerpas, freshwater seals living only in Bajkal. Accommodation in tents above the lake.

Day 7

Ust-Barguzin – Ulan Ude

We are departing Ust-Barguzin using a local asphalt road to Uhlan Ude in the morning. A considerable part of our route leads above Baikal. We will be admiring superb views and if the weather is good enough we will see Olchon Island from here. We will stop on a very beautiful beach which is practically empty. Then, the road changes its direction. We are leaving Baikal and now entering the land of the Uhlan Burgas and the Chamar Daban Mountains heading straight to the capital of Buryatia, Uhlan Ude. We are staying at a Polish Hostel “Hope”.

Day 8

Ulan Ude

We will start touring the city with a visit to the Soviets Square. It is the main square of the city where the stone head of Lenin is located. The largest monument of Revolution Leader in the world astonishes with its size. It is 10 metres tall and weighs 42 tonnes. After that, we will see the beautifully decorated house of merchant Gołdobin. We will sightsee Hodegetria Council which was established in 1741-1785. We will visit the oldest building in Buryatia, Orthodox Church of the Saint Trinity dating back to 1809. As well as an Ethnographic Museum of the Culture and Lives of Nations of Transbaikalia where you can see seven complexes of building: old-Russian, ewenkijski, Transbaikal Buryats, Subbaikal Buryats, Old Believers, municipal and archaeological.

Day 9

Ulan Ude – Sludianka

In the morning we are taking road M55 to Irkutsk. The road to the town of Selenginsk runs along the beautiful Selengi valley which is the largest river flowing to Baikal. We will turn into a byway after Selenginsk, we will pass Kabańsk, and we will reach Szigajew in the Selengi delta. There is Kabański Reserve there which belongs to Baikal Reserve. This is one of the largest clusters of the waterfowl in eastern Siberia and enters international list of the most valuable water-muddy areas. The road continues along lakesides through Buryat villages to Posolskaja town where we will drive again onto M55 road. From this moment all the way to Sludianki, with small breaks we will be moving along Baikal. Almost all the time we will be admiring not only the lake but also the Seaside Mountains stretching out on the other side of the lake and covered with thick taiga chain of Chamar Daban on the left side of the road. We will take a short rest and the meal we will in a small town called Babuszkin. We will cross the border between the Republic of Buryatia and the Irkutsk circumference in Wydrino town. Next, we will reach Baikalsk. A cellulose-paper conglomerate being the biggest source of Baikal pollution is located in this industrial small town. Journey to Sludianki. Accommodation in the hostel or tents.

Day 10

Sludianka – Mondy

Before leaving Sludianki we will visit the Mineralogical Museum, where there are over 9 thousand exhibit items. We will also see a railway station which is whole built of marble and is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Russia. Next, we will go to the small town of Kułtuk where we will turn from the main road in the direction of Mondy village and the border with Mongolia. After several dozen kilometres we will enter the Valley of Tunkinska and Tunkinski National Park. The road through the valley will give us wonderful impressions. The route leads along the Irkut river passing Buryat villages. The valley is limited by sloping gently Chamar Daban mountains from the south and rocky hillsides of Tunkinski Mountains with highest peaks crossing 3300 m above the sea level from the north.The uncanny view on Tunkinski Mountains is heightened by the fact that they step suddenly of the valley as flat as a pancake, laid at the about 700 m above the sea level. We will stop at the Żemczug resort. There are hot springs here with waters reaching 38,5 degrees Celsius. If you want to you can take a bath in healing water. In Kyren we will tour Dacan Tuszita which was built in 1817 and destroyed after the October Revolution. It was rebuilt in 1991. Going farther west we will reach Mondy village. The village is beautifully located in the Irkut valley with astonishing views on snowy peaks of Sajan Mountains. Accommodation in tents, the bonfire and a feast.

Day 11

Mondy – Arszan
150 km

We are leaving Mondy in the morning and heading towards Irkutsk. After passing Żemczug we will turn to Arszan – a spa town situated nicely at very foot of Tunkinski Mountains. The town is well-known of healing waters which were discovered by hunters over 100 years ago. We will visit a drinking room in thermal spa and a little dacan. We will also walk along the Kyngardy River to waterfalls which are located within the village. By the route to waterfalls local people sell various healing herbs and substances. We will also see a lot of holy places and small owoo mounds arrangements near the river. Accommodation in common houses of residents or tents by the river.

Day 12

Arszan – Irkutsk
150 km

We are leaving Arszan in the morning and returning to Irkutsk where our adventure started. At first we will return to M55 road. Then, we will turn north and using ascenic route through the Seaside Mountains we will reach Irkutsk. The hotel accommodation and touring the city.

Day 13

Irkutsk – Listwianka – Irkutsk

We are riding to Listwianka, a village located above Baikal in the place where the Angara River flows from the lake. We are walking to a beautiful spot called Shaman Stone, a nature monument at the mouth of the river. We are visiting the local market and the Baikal Museum, walking above Baikal. On the way to Listwianki we are visiting the Talcy open-air Ethnographic Museum where monuments of Russian, Buryat and Ewenkisjika culture are exhibited, such as Spurs Ilimski, the oldest Russian settlement in Eastern Siberia. In the afternoon we are returning to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

Day 14

We are taking off Irkutsk, landing in Warsaw. The end of the trip.