Period of time: 16 days, participants: 4-7 people

29th June – 14th July 2013 - see the gallery

Date: 21th June – 6th July 2014
Price: EUR 1400 + EUR 2000 per driver.

The organiser assures: a roadworthy motorbike, wide choice among such models as: BMW F650GS, Dakar F650GS , R1150GS or Honda TRANSALP 650, food and petrol, service centre of the motorbike en route and company of the service car on the entire route of the trip, carriage of luggage (up to 20kg) , flight on the route Warsaw-Ulaanbaatar-Warsaw with Aeroflot lines, camp equipment such as tents, foam mattresses, petrol cooker, kitchen utensils, accommodation in tents, geer camps, and tourist hotels, sustenance on Olchon Island, OC, KL and NNW insurance, a Mongolian visa, entrance tickets to all toured objects, and the care of the experienced guide.

Motorcycle expedition along roadless tracts of Mongolia.

„Mongolia enraptures, shocks, puzzles, amazes, and pleases. Moreover, it fulfills dreams of people who are dreaming about vast spaces, taiga and wild white waters, horse’s neighing in the steppes, howling of the wolf in tundra, shaman’s ceremonies, the taste of ajrag … “
This is how Bolesław Uryn describes Mongolia in his book “Expeditions into the taiga and the steppe” accurately conveying the atmosphere of this magic and extremely hospitable country. Apart from unusual landscapes and wonderful history reaching thousand years, it is an interesting country in terms of tradition and customs. Mongolia is a country of nomads, geer (of yurts), of herds of cows, goats, sheep, camels, yaks and horses which are constantly basic means of transport.

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Day 1

We are meeting at Okęcie airport in Warsaw, and taking-off to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 2

We are arriving in the capital city of Mongolia. Accommodation in a tourist hotel. We are walking to the building of the parliament and Chyngis-Chan monument on Dry Batory Square. We are visiting the National Museum of Mongolia ‘s history, where exhibition presents the history of Mongolia from prehistorical times to present times. We are touring Czojdżin-lama monastery and museum where the offices of national authority are located. In the evening we are having supper in the restaurant.

Day 3


In the morning we are walking to Dalchyn Dendz hill and visiting Gandan monastery, the most important centre of Buddhism in contemporary Mongolia. In one of temples we will see a 26 metres high Dzanrajseg statue. In the afternoon we are preparing for the trip, shopping for provisions and packing motorbikes.

Day 4

Ulaanbaatar- Baga Gadzrin Czuluu

We are leaving Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi desert. We are passing steppe landscapes at first. Then we are riding into stricter, desert-like areas. We will run into the gravel, mountainous desert and we will reach Baga Gadzrin Czuluu reserve, where there are wonderful, granite rock formations. In the evening we are walking in the surroundings. Accommodation in tents.

Day 5


We are riding south. In Mandalgovi we are taking a short stop to get meal, fuel and water. Today’s route leads through the Gobi desert full of extremes. We won’t run short of such attractions as granite rock formations through gravel plains, strict hills or channels of periodic rivers and superb views. We are riding to Dalandzadgad, a capital city of aimak. We are staying the night at a hotel or a ger camp.

Day 6

Dalandzadgad- Hongorin Els

We are entering very beautiful Gobi Altay. Several dozen kilometres behind Dalandzadgad we are arriving to Gobi Gurwan Sajchan National Park and Jolyn Am Canyon. The canyon is the huge crack incurred after earthquake where even on hot summer days a thick layer of ice lies. If we are lucky, we will see wild Argali sheep here. We are travelling through Gobi Altay towards Hongorin Els. Sand dunes stretch out on the length of over 100 km and the width up to 15 km. We are going east. On the right we are admiring strict, rocky mountains, on the left sand dunes. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in Mongolia. Accommodation in yurts on a geer camp.

Day 7

Hongorin Els

We will devote the today to the trip around sand dunes. We will climb up the highest peak, where we can admire a superb view extending to the entire neighbourhood. Sand dunes reach the relative height of 300 metres here and it is the largest sandy area in Mongolia. We will travel there on the back of the camel in a caravan led by guides. We will spend this evening relaxing before the next part of the trip.

Day 8

Hongorin Els-Bajandzag

Today we are facing a travel through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Mongolia. Gurwan Sajchan, which means “three Beauties”, reach almost 3000 m above the sea level. They will provide us with unforgettable views. Using a notch between “Centre Beauty” and “Eastern Beauty” we will get to the north part of the massif. Next, we will arrive at Bajandzag, the place known mainly for uncovered skeletons and fossilized eggs of dinosaurs. It is also being called “cliffs on fire” and is one of main tourist attractions in Mongolia. Accommodation in yurts near cliffs.

Day 9

Bajandzag-Sayhan Ovoo/Ruiny Ongijn Chijd

We are leaving Bajandzag and we are heading to the north. The road to Arvajcher leads through areas of scenic beauty of the Gobi Desert. We are riding through gravel wildernesses and valley of the Ongijn River among picturesque hills then. We are travelling to the remains of Ongijn Chijd monastery. Inhabited by over thousand of monks it was one of the biggest buildings in Mongolia. 13th Dalai Lama stayed here in 1905. It was destroyed by Soviet authorities in1939 has never recovered to the former magnificence. Accommodation in geer camp or tents..

Day 10

Ongijn Chijd-Arvajcheer

Today we are riding through valley of the Ongijn River to reach the capital city of aimak Oworchangaj. Today’s route will astonish us with wonderful, often changing views. A journey to Arvajcheer, put at the foot of the Changaj Mountains is the last desert part of our trip. From that moment the wonderful Changaj Mountains will be dominating accent of the landscape. Many peaks are 3000 m high. After this exhausting part of the trip, we will stay in a hotel with bathrooms and warm water.

Day 11


We are leaving Arvajcheer on an asphalt road in the direction of Ulaanbaatar. After 60 km we will turn into Changaj massif. The road leads through a beautiful mountain valley to the Hujirt. Next, it leads along the Hujirt River valley towards Harhorin. We are riding to the ancient capital city of the Mongolian empire. Accommodation in geer camp or tents.

Day 12

Harhorin – Terchijn Cagaan Nur

We are touring Erdene Dzuu monastery built on ruins of the ancient capital city of the Mongolian empire. The complex of temples is walled by 108 stupas and its circumference is about 1 km. We are taking photos by stone turtles which guarded the gates of former Karakorum. We are also walking to bric-a-brac stalls. Behind Harhorin the road leads through a picturesque valley of the Orchon River. Next we will drive to aimak Archangaj where mountainous Changaj landscapes are dominating accent. We are travelling through Cecerleg and visiting the Zajayn Churee monastery, one of more beautiful Buddhist sacred objects in Mongolia. We are riding to Tariat and the riding by an extinct volcano to White Lake. Accommodation in yurts.

Day 13

Terchijn Cagaan Nuur

We will devote the day to touring surroundings of the lake. We are walking to the crater of Chorgo Volcano, riding a Mongolian horse to the huge hollow in the field of lava. We will also visit a Cave of Yellow Dog and, for brave, Cave of one Man which a narrow passage leads to. In the evening we are taking a bath in crystal-clear waters of the lake. We are trying traditional Mongolian kitchen and sleeping in yurts.

Day 14

Terchijn Cagaan Nuur- Ongijn Nuur

Early in the morning we are riding to Ulaanbaatar. We are returning through Cecerleg. Behind Cecerleg we will turn north into the route leading to the delightfully situated small Ongijn Nuur Lake. Accommodation in yurts or tents at the lake.

Day 15

Ongijn Nuur-Ulaanbaatar

While riding to Ulaanbaatar we will admire wonderful steppe landscapes as well as Mongol Els sand dunes, second in terms of size sandy area in Mongolia. We are riding motorbikes up to sand dunes. If you are willing, you can climb sand dunes. We are heading to the capital city. About 100 km before reaching the city, we are turning to Hustayn Nuruu National Park. If we are lucky, we will see wild living horses of Przhevalsky. Almost entire route is on an asphalt road (except for the journey to the park). We are riding to Ulaanbaatar and staying at a hotel. In the evening we are having a parting supper in the restaurant.

Day 16

We are flying to Polan with a refuelling stop in Moscow.
The end of our expedition.