Period of time: 17 days, participants 4-7 people

Date: 31st May – 16th June 2014
Price: EUR 1400 + EUR 1400 per driver, price for a passanger  EUR 1000 + EUR 700.

Every participant can choose an option to fly back to Warsaw which shortens the time of expedition up to 13 days. You have to pay extra for the plane ticket then.

The organiser assures: a roadworthy motorbike, wide choice among such models as: BMW F650GS, Dakar F650GS , R1150GS or Honda TRANSALP 650, food and petrol, service centre of the motorbike en route and company of the service car on the entire route of the trip, carriage of luggage (up to 20kg), voyage by hydrofoil to Kiży Island, voyage by ship to Solowieckie Islands, voyage by fishing cutter to the Barents Sea , accomodation in motels, tents, gostinicas, entrance tickets to all toured objects, and the care of the experienced guide.

Kolski Peninsula

It is located between the Barents Sea and the White Sea. We can call it a mini Siberia since about 800 thousand residents live in the area of 120 thousands square kilometres. Half of them live in Murmansk. A few of numerous attractions of the peninsula are huge tundra, taiga, three mountain ranges, gigantic lakes, rivers full of fish and old fishing villages on the White Sea. The climate here is surprisingly mild (influence of Gulf Stream), although peninsula lies outside a polar circle. There is a polar day in the summer and a polar night in the winter. Murmansk, which is located 50 km from the coastline, is the largest city of the peninsula. It is also the capital city of the circumference.

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The plan of expedition

Day 1

We are meeting in a hotel in Augustów in the evening. You ave to get there on your own.

Day 2

In the morning we are heading in the direction of borderline with Lithuania. We are travelling through Lithuania and Latvia to Russian border. Accommodation in a roadside motel.

Day 3

In the morning we are checking at the border crossing point with Russia and we are moving to Saint-Petersburg. We are staying the night in tents or gostinica at Ladoga Lake, 100 km behind the city.

Day 4

We are continuing the ride to the north. After about two hundred kilometres we will drive to the Karelia Republic. It is called the land of thousands lakes. In the afternoon we are riding to Petrozavodsk, which is the main city of this region. In the evening we are walking on Onega Lake. Accommodation in a gostinica or a hotel.

Day 5

Voyage by hydrofoil to Kiży Island on Onega Lake. We are touring historic wooden architecture such as an Orthodox Church of Preobrażeńska with 22 domes built in 1714. We are walking around the island. In the evening we are returning to Petrozavodsk. Accommodation in a hotel or a gostinica.

Day 6

We are heading farther to the north towards Kiem, which is a small wooden small town on the White Sea. On the way we are admiring wonderful Karelia landscapes. We are trying local gastronomy. In the evening we are arriving in the city. We are staying the night in wooden houses in the port.

Day 7

We are going by ship to Sołowiecki Islands. We are visiting Sołowiecki Monastery and walking around the most charming nooks of the island. In the evening we are having a bonfire with roasted fish and we are trying local gastronomy. Accommodation on an island in wooden houses or in tents.

Day 8

We are returning to Kiem in the morning. We are packing motorbikes and moving farther north towards Murmansk. Behind Kandalaksza we are entering Kolski Peninsula. We are turning from the main road to Kirowsk a small town in Chibiny. In the evening we are strolling the street in the small town. We are trying local gastronomy. Accommodation in a gostinica.

Day 9

We are taking a road through the Chibiny Mountains. On the way we are admiring superb views. In Olenogorsk we are coming back to M18 road to Murmansk.We are riding to Murmansk in the evening. Accommodation in motogościnica at Sergeiy.

Days 10-11

We are sightseeing Murmansk. We are visiting places such as Lenin – the first ice-breaker with the atomic propulsion, Council of St Nikolai – temple of the saint patron of sailors, 34 metres high monument of soldier Alosza which is located on hills with wonderful panorama of the city, the History of Sea Navigation Museum introducing the development of atomic fleet and ice-breakers, and the history of conquest of north seas.

Day 12

We are going to the high sea by a fishing cutter. We are fishing also for crabs. In the evening we are preparing supper from fish we have caught. Accommodation at Sergey’s.

Days 13-17

In the morning we are saying brief goodbye and we are moving into the return route. We have 450 km of daily distance. Accommodation in roadside gostinicas, hotels or tents on lakes. On the last day of expedition we will arrive in Suwałki. We are having a parting supper in the restaurant. Hotel accommodation. The end of the expedition.