Period of time: 21 days, participants: 4-7 people

Date: to order
Price: EUR 1800 + EUR 2400 per driver, price for a passanger EUR 1400 + EUR 800

The organiser assures: a roadworthy motorbike, wide choice among such models as: BMW F650GS, Dakar F650GS , R1150GS or Honda TRANSALP 650 , service centre of the motorbike en route and company of the service car on the entire route of the trip, fuel, carriage of luggage (up to 20kg), voyage by boat on Bajkal Lake, accommodation in tents, roads, turbaza, and tourist hotels, sustenance, entrance tickets to all toured objects, and the care of the experienced guide.

Motorcycle travel to the Saint Sea.

Siberia is a large geographical land with the area of c.a. 10 million km2 m in the north of Asia. It fills the entire Asian part of the Basin of the Arctic Ocean, among the Ural Mountains in the West, the Arctic Ocean in the North, mountains on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the East and steppe areas of Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the South. We will travel across the considerable part of this magic land on motorbikes defeating seven time zones which divide Warsaw and Irkutsk. The goal of the expedition is to connect the passion of travelling by motorbike with resting in the bosom of nature, tasting wonderful Russian kitchen and talking to people we will come across on the road.

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The plan of expedition

Day 1

We are meeting at the hotel in Przemyśl in the evening. You are to get there on your own.

Day 2

We are leaving the hotel in the morning and going to the frontier crossing point with Ukraine. On that day we will reach the town of Zhytomyr. Accommodation in motel.

Day 3

Zhytomyr – Sumy, journey to the border with Russia. Accommodation in motel.

Day 4

We are going through customs at the frontier crossing point with Russia in the morning. We are continuing the ride in the direction of Tambov. Accommodation in motel or tents.

Day 5

From Tambov we are going farther to the East and we are arriving at the city of Syzrań in the Tatarstan Republic. Accommodation in motel or tents.

Day 6

Consecutive day of the ride to Ufy, we are at the foot of the Ural Mountains, border between Europe and Asia. Accommodation in motel or tents.

Day 7

We are travelling through the Ural Mountains in the direction of Chelyabinsk, we are taking commemorating photograph by the monument on the joint of two continents, we are shopping at the roadside stalls where it is possible to get a cedar moonshine and we are running into Siberia finally. We are admiring changing landscapes. Accommodation in motel or tents.

Day 8

We are continuing the ride in the direction of Iszim, we are trying local delicacies in bars on the way and we are talking to locals about living in Siberia. Accommodation in gostinica or tents.

Day 9

We are leaving Iszim, and we are heading to Tatarsk. Accommodation in gostinica or tents.

Day 10

Journey to Tomsk, one of the oldest towns in Siberia.

Day 11

We are resting while touring Tomsk on that day. We are visiting the University Museum where you can admire the exhibition of manuscripts and old prints in the university library. We are also seeing ethnographical-historical museum, and in the university campus we are discovering ancient objects of Siberian people worship – stone women. We are visiting the so-called Stone of Starch, place commemorating victims of the Stalinist regime. There, among many other granite plates, is one with an inscription carved in Polish “In Memory of Poles who were the victims of Stalinist repressions on the Tomsk Earth in 1930-1956″. In the afternoon we are sightseeing the most beautiful city streets and admiring wonderful wooden architecture. In the evening we are trying local gastronomy. Accommodation in motel.

Day 12

Departure from Tomsk towards Krasnoyarsk. We are on the Mid- Siberian Upland. We are admiring picturesque landscapes. Accommodation in motel.

Day 13

Behind Krasnoyarsk we are having a short stop at the bank of the Jenisej River, the second largest river in Russia. The asphalt road ends in the town of Kańsk so we are travelling 300 km using the metalled road. We are going on M53 road through the Siberian taiga. We are reaching Tajszet. Accommodation in motel..

Day 14

The last part of M53 road, we are arriving in Irkutsk, hotel accommodation.

Day 15

Irkutsk. We are walking around the ancient capital of Siberia and touring Polish Church, Council of the Epiphany, the Saviour’s Orthodox Church. We are admiring wooden houses dating back to the 19th century. We are strolling at the boulevard above the Angara River. Supper, hotel accommodation.

Day 16

We are riding to Listwianka – a village located above Bajkal Lake in the place where the Angara River flows from it. We are visiting the local market and the Bajkal Museum, then we are walking along the banks of Bajkal Lake. On the way to Listwianka we are visiting Talcy open-air ethnographic museum where you can see monuments of Russian , Buriat and Ewenkijsk culture. Ilimski Spurs is one of the oldest Russian settlement in the Eastern Siberia. In the afternoon we are returning to Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation.

Day 17

Chużyr. We are leaving Irkutsk in the morning and we are heading to the village of Chużyr on Olchon Island. We are touring the most charming nooks of the village. If you are brave enough you can take a bath in the lake. In the evening we are roasting Bajkal fish at the bonfire and tasting cedar moonshine. Accommodation in turbaza.

Day 18

Olchon Island. We are taking trips around the island in a cross-road vehicle. We are touring the most interesting and the most beautiful Olchon sites, tasting smoked fish and Russian beers. In the evening we are having a bonfire and do some fishing at the lake. Accommodation in turbaza.

Day 19

Bajkal Lake. We are taking a few-hours cruise on the extensive waters of Bajkal. We are walking to the Holy Source. We are taking a cruise to the island with a Buddhist priest.We are having dinner on the boat. Return to Olchon. Accommodation in turbaza.

Day 20

Return to Irkutsk. We are taking a walk around the city in the evening. Then we are having a parting supper. Hotel accommodation.

Day 21

Take-off from Irkutsk, arrival in Warsaw, the end of expedition