About us

The motorcycle expeditions have started from connection of longstanding passion and thousands of kilometres in the motorcycle saddle. Experience gotten in that way guarantees that our offer is set professionally and planned in detail.
Our priority is the highest quality of our service and safety of the expeditions’ participants. We have checked every route that is described here personally. We wanted to provide our participants with intense impressions that can be ensured by exceptional landscapes of distant and little known places, beauty of local cultures, and wonderful people.
To ensure the maximum of impressions and the minimum of worries we will deal with all the organization issues. Your only must is to have fun!
We are inviting you to an unforgettable motorcycle adventure.

Robert Matraj
I have been an enthusiast of motorbikes for dozen or so years. As a teenager I pulled to pieces and restored my first two-wheeled vehicle. This way I was bitten by a bug of ‘steel steed’. I built my dream chopper from scratch on the basis of Dniepr motorcycle.
As a young adult I wanted to fullfil my second greatest dream. I dreamt about going to spots I could only see in the photographs or films. I wanted to see places I could read about in books and tourist guides or which I was only able to touch with my finger on the map. I managed to visit Slovenia and Croatia, England and Wales, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and the USA this way. The rest of the world is still waiting for me.

After several years of travelling for pleasure I decided to connect my passion of travelling and my love of motorbikes with my professional career. WM Adventure – Motorcycle Expeditions Company is a result of this connection. It provides services of leasing motorbikes and transporting them professionally within long distances.